First Aid, Tactical Medicine Fundamentals workshop

As special military operation has started, many people realized they didn’t have enough first aid skills, particularly in case of combat wounds and they were not ready psychologically to administer first aid not only to the injured ones but to themselves as well.

Most of us used to receive first aid training from the employer but as a rule it was provided for the sake of appearance and furthermore the training didn’t offer first aid in case of gunshot, stab, mine-blast wounds.
There often has been a question asked lately: «What is tactical medicine?». The term «tactical medicine» is derived from the NATO combat paramedic course. Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is the most well-known tactical medicine training program.
The Risk Management Group training center offers “Tactical combat casualty care – self-care and mutual aid” basic course. Many people are signing up for the course but it turns out during the training that they lack first aid basic knowledge.

In this regard, we have made a decision to deliver a few workshops (as there are a lot of people willing to attend) covering first aid and tactical medicine fundamentals which provide you with all the required knowledge and skills. We shall hold practical exercise at the training ground for advanced trainees and those who attended the basic training above upon its completion.

To register for workshops and practical exercises please call +7 999 901 4922, +7 937 125 6009 or email us at

Training for Gazprom Neft Middle East

employees provided

The program on arranging fire safety procedure, developing firefighting documentation, facilitation of firefighting and rescue in case of emergencies at oil and gas fields was adapted to the working conditions and specifics in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

The training was provided in a combined way including application of online technologies and had been started when the personnel were still at work.
The students became aware of the course information, international fire statistics, fire definition, its risk factors and main principles of fire safety in organization.
Later the classroom training was continued on a full-time basis at the training center in Zelenograd.
The students obtained most of the information in the process of full-time study. In particular, actions in case of detecting a fire and evacuation measures, use of respiratory protective equipment, requirements for selection, maintenance and operation of firefighting equipment for facility offices, accommodation and production areas.
Fire prevention, fire safety measures for transportation of flammable and combustible liquids and gases, proper storage of substances and materials and more were discussed.
Fire department officer of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies (EMERCOM) explained the students how to develop a facility fire fighting plan and clearly demonstrated how to calculate required number of the firefighting agents to extinguish a burning oil tank.
As part of the course the students mastered basics of fire injury first aid. The trainer with medical qualification, practical first aid background and extensive experience in conducting trainings provided first aid class.
First aid in case of burns, wounds, combustion vapor intoxication, cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the use of dummy to practice proper CPR techniques and skills were studied.
In the process of case studies the students revealed victims’ injuries and practiced first aid scenario-based exercise. Upon the exercise completion debriefing of common errors took place.
At the end of the training the participants were demonstrated with types of modern VR technologies enabling to arrange practical exercises. VR technologies allow to deliver practical exercises at any place and time without putting the students at risk.
During their studies the students completed the entire program materials and demonstrated good academic performance. All the students received training completion certificates and the print-outs that can be used in their duties.
29 октября 2022

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