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Educational Training Center

Moscow Department of Education and Science license № 041908 dd. January 28, 2022

Our training center provides you with a variety of training courses in the area of additional general and vocational education in order to pass professional retraining and professional development.

We deliver up-to-date technologies involving in-house online learning platform, e-library access and holding webinars by our staff.

Training Disciplines

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC, TC3) training is designed on the basis of NATO paramedics training materials and the experience of advanced training centers involving proper use of modern first aid

The training is developed as per the Directive №806 of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia dd. November 18, 2021 "On determination of the procedure, types, timeframes for fire induction training of personnel, requirements for the training course contents and categories of persons trained in additional fire safety vocational programs" and the Directive №596 dd. September 05, 2021 "On approval of standard fire safety additional vocational program''

Evacuation drill training is conducted after preliminary overview of Client facility and developed individually – personnel is trained how to define evacuation route, move from workplace to the exit (from dangerous area), open a door properly, act in a crowded area under different conditions, transport victims variously
Facility Security

Facility security and anti-terrorist protection course is action-oriented and based on the best international practices in the area of anti-terrorist protection of industrial facilities

The course is developed in accordance with the recommendations of the Russian Ministry of Labor, the Directive № 477n of the Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development dd. May 04, 2012 "On approving the list of conditions that require first aid, and list of first aid procedures" and other regulations. Its primary goal is life and health support of the injured or ill person before he/she receives professional medical treatment

Basic Rescue course is carried out in accordance with the official governmental Basic EMERCOM Rescue Training Program. Any adult citizen of Russia can take part in the training. If desired, upon completion of the course, the Student can undergo state certification to acquire “Rescuer” status.

The training for everyone interested in survival skills in the wilderness includes both theoretical and practical fundamentals of survival as well as mental preparation in different environments. The course is provided by the certified trainers who have combat experience and practical survival skills under any conditions as well as by the qualified psychologist
The course allows participants to explore the concept of economic security as a complex multicomponent phenomenon.

The course "Arranging facility protection against UAVs, systems of detection and resistance" will provide assigned specialists with a knowledge of methods for arranging counter drone protection using technologies to combat UAVs.
Civil Defense and Emergency Response
The training is provided in accordance with the RF Government Decree № 841 dated November 02, 2000 (rev. September 30, 2019) "On approving the Regulation concerning civil population preparedness in the area of civil defense" and with the program developed on the basis of exemplary additional vocational program of professional development for civil defense personnel, authorities of the unified state system of emergencies prevention and liquidation, and specific categories of persons trained in the area of civil defense and protection against emergencies approved by the RF Emergencies Ministry dd. October 30, 2020 № 2-4-71-11-10
Situational assistance shall be delivered universally, thus social, engineering, transport infrastructure as well as resting places shall be freely provided to the disabled people as per article 15 of the Federal Law № 181 «On social protection of disabled people in the Russian Federation». Failure to comply with the legislation on the provision of accessible environment for the disabled will result in administrative liability in the form of a fine.
If you didn’t find a suitable discipline, we are ready to develop and provide you with any course to meet your needs and arrange practical exercise on safe operational methods and techniques using both the equipment at your premises and various simulators or interactive training methods
Why our training center?
Our trainers are qualified specialists with experience of work in international companies
Individual approach
We are ready to develop the programs specifically to your needs and conduct trainings in different languages.

We provide e-learning platform, if needed trainings or practical exercises can be arranged at the Client’s territory or at any venue as per the agreement*
We provide up-to-date information technologies and ready to apply any innovative training solutions.
Attractive prices
Service quotes can be negotiated with a Client.
Additional services for free
Free assessment of the basic risks with further development of risk mitigation recommendations can be performed at Client facility in addition to Fire Safety, Evacuation, Facility Security training programs.

*If the premises provided are completely in line with all the established requirements

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